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Alfredo Muniz
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Light up rainbows. Software Defined Radio. Pico projectors. Touch screens. Motor control. They all require working knowledge of different architectures and experience with different communication protocals and languages. New year, new tech, faster devices, better comms - sign me up.

Product Design

Creating a device that does something is just the beginning. Improving the widget so that it functions all the time in all cases, and looks like a gem takes a multidisciplinary team with solid communication. It is challenging, it is difficult, but the friendships forged are priceless.

Open Source

In a connected world, collaboration is key. With open hardware and open software, I sharpen my skills and give back to the online community that taught me. Working with experienced hackers and aspiring hackers on mailing lists, internet relay channels, and git commits is fun, sometimes too much fun.


Google Summer of Code 2014

Coprocessors in GNU Radio

GNU Radio Tutorials Taskforce

Guided Tutorials for Beginners

Wireless Club Bug

Teaching PCB Design with Eagle

Kinematic Lute

Mechatronic Instrument


Application-Based Robot


World's Most Efficient Lamp


Homebrew RC Car


Autonomous Robotic Security System


Increasing Electric Vehicle Efficiency


Hello my name is Alfredo Muniz. I am currently using the University of Pennsylvania as my sandbox to experiment with technologies, create new inventions, and experience varying team dynamics

Although I love to machine, explore wireless systems, create PCB's, and take on new ventures my main interest lies in embedded systems, specifically the interface of hardware and software

I revived the school's amateur radio club after over a decade of dormancy and use it to raise student interest in radio with a mashup of traditional amateur radio and software defined radio

I like to relax with a good quality anime, video game music, root beer, and party trays or perhaps with a bike ride in the outside world with fresh air. I work best with others and my favorite moments come from group discussions

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